Only 1 week to our first Road Rally

Join us for our first Road Rally or just come for dinner, but by your tickets now. Road Rally is Saturday, August 24th at 2PM. What is a Road Rally? Our Polish Road Rally will have a Mexican theme. Cars containing 2 to 3 people will head out and follow instructions, collect clue, answer some riddles, and end up at the Polish Club for a Mexican feast. This is not a race. Cars will be released one at a time. Start and stop times are recorded. You get points for answering clues correctly and coming in at the ideal time. If you race or speed and come in too soon, you are penalized. If you just want dinner, come for that too at 4:30. Either way it is $12. You must purchase your ticket ahead of time to participate in the Road Rally portion. You will be given your starting point before the Rally. I almost forgot to mention there are several parts on the Rally where you can or must get out of the car and there happens to be a restroom near by. If you are interested, purchase your ticket at the bar any evening by Thursday August 22.

Oh Yeah! No use of cell phones or electronic devices during the Rally. ONE may be on board in case of a 911 emergency or a call back to the PAC to get you back on track IF you get lost. This should be easy enough for first time Ralliers but challenging enough for others.

For more details call 330-253-0496 or email Click here for flyer.