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 TIME TO RENEW FOR 2018. Do that at the January 7th Monthly Meeting.


   January 7th     4PM       Monthly Meeting

  January 12th    4:30   Fish Fry every Friday, 4:30 till 8                                                                                                      but 2nd Friday in  Jan & Feb is Golumpki                                                                                     (cabbage rolls) special. Come early.

   January  15th  5PM   Spaghetti Dinner DATE CHANGED TO the 15th                                                                   Need Volunteers and Donated desserts.  Contact                                                               Phyllis Early.

  February 10th               Mardi Gras Party

  February 16th to March 30th   4:30   Lenten Fish Fry – Need extra help                                                               Contact Mary Beth to sign up!


New at PAC———We are selling frozen handmade pierogies to cook at home. $10 for 12.

We need you email address if you have one. That is the easiest way to keep you up to date on events and Golumpki specials and Paczki specials.

Contact Mary Beth Grether  to update our files., 330-328-3797



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